EXOSOME Area Problems

  • Difficulty in mass production

    Manufacturing scale-up difficulty.

    Difficulty in commercializing due to low yield of production

    Low culture yield, obsessed with separation.

  • Heterogeneity of Configuration and Size

    Stick to the separation method only through the filter

    Non-standardization of segregated refinement methods

  • Search R&D Researcher & BD

    Difficult to search appropriate experienced Researcher

    Hard to find experienced pharmaceutical business developers in new areas.

PONTES LAB’s Solutions

  • New culture methods capable of mass production.

    Pontes Lab’s New 3D Culture method make mass production.

    Induce mass production with exomes incubated in MSC.

    No need to cling to separation by changing culture.

  • mRNA Vaccines carrier based on mass production

    mRNA Vaccines tech is absolutely necessary bio tech in pandemic

    mRNA Vaccines need stable carrier EXOSOME instead of LNP (Lipid Nano Particle)

    LNP need Cryogenic storage and makes possibility of creating side effects in vaccination.

  • Gain Platform Technology based on mass production

    EXOSOME Platform makes easy to make oncology drug etc.

    Exosome is a groundbreaking drug delivery platform technology that can deliver dementia drugs through BBB (Blood-Brain Barrier).